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Check Deposits FAQs

Mobile Check Deposits

How do I access mobile deposits?
You must be enrolled in online banking and have the app downloaded on your mobile device (available for android and apple devices).

How do I make a mobile deposit?
  • Phone Tap Menu, expand Transactions, then to Deposit Check.
  • Tablet Tap Menu, expand Transactions, then to Deposit Check.

When I attempt to do a mobile deposit, it tells me "RDC Unavailable".
This could have multiple causes. Please contact support for assistance.

Business Check Deposits

My scanner is giving me a "No MICR" error on a scanned check, what does that mean?
The "No MICR" error means the software isn't recognizing the required magnetic ink on the check being scanned. You can attempt to rescan this check. If these attempts are still failing, this check must be deposited at a local branch for processing.

I am receiving a "Device Not Responding" Error.
Verify there are 2 cords connected to scanner, one plugged into wall, one plugged into computer’s USB port and that the scanner is turned On. Once this is verified, if you’re still receiving the error please contact support.

I received a "Server Unavailable Error" when I went to transmit my deposit.
Most likely this is due to a loss of internet connection. If you’ve verified your internet connection you may need to re-register your software by going to the Tools menu and click on re-register client. If you still receive the error please contact support.